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As you know, I am a big fan of EGO OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) tools. Before I tried Ego, I used to be the guy who would never give up gas tools. Now I sell battery powered OPE products. I’m not saying that battery power is as powerful as gas, but it gets the job done and provides plenty of power for the average homeowner. I have a typical house in a typical town with a much closer house. My kids still have plenty of room to play soccer and do other outdoor activities, so my yard isn’t particularly small, but it’s not an acre either. So, for someone like me or someone with a larger lot, I think battery power is the way to go. So let’s jump into the EGO Trimmer Review.

Ego Trimmer Review Overview

This is a perfect example of what I like about the wireless OPE tool. I live in the Chicago area and spring has finally arrived. Usually, when I start my lawn mower, trimmer or hedge trimmer, I am messing around. I have to put in fresh gas for the year, fill everything up and pull the starter rope until my arm falls off. If you have gas products, you know what I mean, it’s a pain. All you want to do is mow the lawn and get on with your day, but you can’t because you’re messing with everything other than mowing.

This year I picked up my EGO battery because I was using the snow blower and it was charged up. I put the battery in the mower and started cutting. How can you argue with that kind of productivity?

Ok, I know you are here for the EGO String Trimmer review, but I wanted to at least learn about the battery OPE because I know there are still a lot of people who are not attracted to this technology and the ability to charge wirelessly and still get the job done. I’m not here to sell you on this technology, just to let you know my experience. Again, I am not going to compare it to a gas string trimmer.

EGO has been introducing string trimmers for some time now. The new ST1521S has a couple of cool options so let’s see if it’s worth buying or even upgrading.

Ego Trimmer Review Features

EGO designed the ST1521S with the battery located on the back of the trimmer. You can buy it as a bare tool or as a 2.5 Ah battery. Since I have an EGO lawn mower and snow blower, I also have a 7.5 Ah battery and a 5 Ah battery. I find the trimmer has a good balance with the 2.5 Ah battery and has enough run time to complete my yard. When I use the 5Ah battery it gets a little unbalanced and heavy at the back end of the trimmer. ego uses a brushless motor to power the trimmer.

The trimmer is powered by a 56V battery that works with all of EGO’s OPE products.

A new feature of this string trimmer is the carbon fiber shaft. This material not only makes the trimmer lighter, but also very strong.

All tools need some type of safety feature. Some of the safety features we have seen over the years have made the tool difficult to operate. With the EGO, it has a great setup. You can easily push the safety switch with your thumb and then use your finger to pull the trigger, i.e. variable speed.

The grip has a nice rubber overmolding and is very comfortable.

The trimmer has two strings, which means more cuts in less time. It has a 15 inch cutting strip. The trimmer is designed for 0.095″ strings.

At the bottom of the head, you can advance the line using the dimple feature. When the trimmer is running and you hit the head on the ground, it advances the line.

This is the coolest feature of this trimmer, the Powerload head. If you have ever had to replace a line in a trimmer, you know how painful it can be. I won’t even discuss all the problems you encounter when replacing lines.

With the EGO Powerload, you don’t even have to remove the head. Simply thread the line through the head. Once you’re halfway done, press the button near the head and it will wind it up for you. Seriously, how cool is that? This is one of those features that should have been designed decades ago. Trust me, it will save me a ton of money because I don’t have to pay all that money to swear by the can.

The handle has a soft rubber grip and you can also change its position on the shaft. You will need an allen wrench to move it.

Ego Trimmer Review Performance

So how does this perform? For a battery powered string trimmer, it’s one of the strongest string trimmers we’ve tested. Again, we didn’t compare it to gas. So when it comes to your everyday trimmer needs, this tool jams. If you are walking through a dense forest, then gas is the way to go. Now don’t get me wrong, this works great on heavy, tall grass and weeds, but if you clear a lot of ground then I would use gas.

I also noticed that this trimmer does not have a lot of feedback. We have tried trimmers with numb hands due to vibration, but with the EGO we found it to be smooth.

Another notable performance report is the bumps and feed string. Again with some trimmers we have tested, you have to really push hard and hit the head repeatedly to advance the line. With this trimmer, it was a quick bump and the line moved forward. It’s great not having to hit the line.

One of the downsides to this trimmer that we have seen on all trimmers is the length of the shaft. I am 6 feet tall and would like the trimmer to be a little longer. I do feel it on my back after using it for a longer period of time. If it were 7 to 10 inches longer, it would be very different. However, for a 5 inch person, this is too long for them.

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