Ego Snow Blower Reviews

The company’s story goes back to the early 1990s when it became part of an international manufacturing operation. the main strength of the Ego brand is its battery technology, which is claimed to be the most advanced in the industry. ego is known for its wireless devices, which operate well and do not make noise. The company has been developing this technology for 10 years and today fills a gap in the market with its first line of cordless outdoor equipment. ego produces millions of units each year and sells them in over 60 countries worldwide.

What to Consider When Buying a Cordless Snow Blower

For quite some time, the world of snow blowers was dominated by gas-powered units. Powerful, robust, and able to withstand all the challenges, manufacturers focused on improving their features. That’s how two-stage and three-stage snow blowers were created.

But in this world of gas-powered technology, someone came up with the idea of introducing electric and cordless machines. Cordless technology immediately began to compete with gas power. However, before purchasing a cordless snow blower, you should fully understand the limitations and features of these devices.

First of all, cordless machines are usually not as powerful as gasoline machines. This means there is less power to lift snow, so they are better suited for use in light snow areas. Most cordless units are only manufactured as single-stage snow blowers. This means that the auger lifts, collects and throws snow in one motion.

While this method is suitable for light snow, it may limit wet or heavy snow. Therefore, before investing in a cordless snow blower, you should consider the following things.

Type of snow: What is the average amount of snowfall in your area? Are you most likely to deal with dry powdery snow or heavy watery precipitation? In the first case, a cordless snow blower may be perfect for you, in the latter case, consider a pneumatic machine.
Surface: Do you have to clear several driveways or large properties? Cordless machines have a limited run time, usually less than 40 minutes. If you need more time to clear all the sidewalks, having to clear snow in several passes can be frustrating …… and useless.
Force: Again, heavy snow requires more energy than powder snow. Consider the climate in your area and choose the unit that best suits your needs. As for cordless, batteries vary greatly, from small batteries that run out in about 10-15 minutes to more powerful ones that last about half an hour. Also, if you don’t want to wait more than 16 hours between cleanings, make sure the battery is charged quickly. For best results, choose lithium-ion technology.
Cutting width: Snow blowers come in a variety of sizes. Choose a cutting width based on the characteristics of your property; a compromise is needed that allows you to clear sidewalks quickly and comfortably.
Rushe: An important consideration for a reason. Many cordless machines come with a plastic auger. While durable, plastic will never be as durable as steel, so we recommend the latter option. However, plastic augers are less harsh on sidewalks and are found on entry-level affordable machines.

EGO Snow Blower – Features

In terms of design, the EGO snowblower impresses with its outstanding functionality. The unit is the same size as most standard snow blowers, but lighter and easier to handle. the EGO weighs 53 pounds, which means improved maneuverability on slippery terrain and better control of the unit.

The unit was designed with user comfort and convenience in mind, with a collapsible and height-adjustable handle. Foldability is a great feature that allows you to store the machine in a smaller space. The unit can even be easily transported due to its great weight.

Another feature we like is the convenient LED headlight. Compared to many other snow blowers on the market, this one has two front lights instead of one, providing better visibility in low light or bad weather.

The controls are located within easy reach, making the unit easy to control. Adjusting the various settings is easy and can be done with the push of a button.

Unfortunately, one desirable feature is the lack of a heated handle. This is not a major drawback, but manufacturers can use this feature to upgrade their models.

Thanks to the buttons and switches within easy reach, EGO snow blowers are easy to control. Some of the functions to control are throw distance and direction, depth of cut and auger speed.

Throw distance and direction are controlled by a slide-out rotary handle located next to the handle. The maximum throw direction is 35 feet and the maximum rotation angle is 180° left and right. On the other side is the variable auger speed adjustment button, while the safety button designed to stop the machine immediately in case of a dangerous situation is located in the middle of the handle.

The only button away from the handle is the headlight switch, located next to the battery.

The unit is powered by two ARC Lithium™, part of the Peak Power™ system, which allows the batteries to be swapped between units. While the unit can only run on one battery, this will cut off power and run time.

The EGO Snowblower is available in three versions as a core tool or with a battery and charger kit. In the second case, you can choose between a 5.0Ah or 7.5Ah battery. Regardless of the amperage, all batteries are 56V and in the weakest version have a runtime of about 40 minutes when used alone.

According to the manufacturer, the unit can run at full power for about an hour when powered by two batteries; the battery system has been tested to plow for extended periods of time when used as directed.

As we mentioned, the batteries are interchangeable, which means you can use them on any other power tool in the system. Or you can simply buy the core tool and use other batteries on your machine.

We also like the battery technology. ARC Lithium™ means the battery is curved inside the housing. With better temperature control of the battery cores, these parts last longer and provide constant power until they are completely depleted.

A power indicator on the machine tells you when it’s time to recharge. Charging time is less than an hour with the fast charger.

To our surprise, the unit does offer comparable performance to gas-powered machines. It has a clearance width of 21 inches and a clearance depth of 13 inches. It offers optimal performance in up to 10 inches of snow, but it can handle heavy wet snow effortlessly.

Performance isn’t just guaranteed by the battery. The auger does a great job of lifting and throwing snow. The assembly is made of a serrated steel core and a sturdy rubber paddle designed to protect your walkways.

On the downside, the rubber paddles wear out quickly, and removing snow from gravel surfaces can damage the unit.

Another component that ensures performance is the brushless motor, which provides high speed and can handle the workload of a blower.

Rugged wheels and a lightweight design ensure maneuverability. The unit weighs 53 pounds for improved control. This snow blower is perfect for all homeowners, and women can easily plow even when the snow is thick.

The wheels are not too large, but they are rugged and designed to perform well on slippery terrain. They are 7 inches in diameter and come with hard-wearing tires for improved traction.

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