Ego Chainsaw

No gas, oil or spark plugs required - just pull the trigger and start cutting!

Best Ego Chainsaws

Do battery chainsaws work well? That would be a resounding yes! Battery-powered electric chain saws are very lightweight, portable and powerful tools for cutting firewood and removing unwanted trees from your property. And, unlike gasoline engines, battery chain saws do not require extension cords, gasoline, oil or spark plugs. If you want to make the most of a cordless chainsaw, it's important to find the right model for your needs. We've researched the best electric chainsaws on the market and listed all their best features. Read on to quickly compare the various chainsaw models and see which one best suits your needs.

EGO CS1604

The EGO CS1604 chainsaw is our choice for the top electric chainsaw. Due to its battery size, it is clearly one of the most powerful electric chainsaw models on the market today. The CS1604 is also well balanced, which helps offset its relatively high ergonomic weight, which pushes it to the top of our list of the best electric chainsaws for hardwood cutting.

EGO CS1600

The CS1600 is an electric saw with almost everything working and almost no defects. It is an electric chain saw that can be easily switched from a pneumatic chain saw. It has all the power and reliability you need without the hassle of a gas engine. The flexibility, utility and weight of this 16-inch chain saw. the EGO Power+ CS1600 features a 16-inch Oregon bar and chain, runs on batteries and is powered by a brushless motor that spins at up to 6,800 RPM.

EGO CS1400

The Ego Power+ CS1400 is an excellent tool for fast processing of large logs . This sawing performance is superior to most fields. In our side-by-side size lumber tests, it cut quickly, averaging 9.5 s. The Ego is a fairly easy saw to use. This is due in large part to its simple chain brake system, safety switch and variable speed trigger. Three switches and a trigger provide adequate protection against accidental engagement of the saw.

Ego 18'' Chain Saw

The housing of the EGO POWER + 18-inch chain saw is mostly plastic to reduce weight. Plastic is a tough quality and may require some rough use. This is a well-made saw. Like all of their tools, the color scheme is an elegant gray with lime green tones for easy viewing. The motor on this chain saw is a brushless motor, which means it creates less internal friction and lasts longer than older motors. It delivers almost twice the speed of the 16-inch model - 11,000 RPM versus 6,800 RPM.

Buyer's Guide

Chainsaws aren't something people buy every day, but they're handy to have around the house when you need them. If you're not sure how to choose a chainsaw, the best place to start is to find out which features and functions best suit your needs.

Here are the main features to consider - before buying a chainsaw:

Before we get into our electric chain saw ratings, let's figure out if an electric chain saw works well. Many years ago, electric chain saws, especially those that relied on battery power, were considered low-powered and only suitable for very light work. However, thanks to improvements in technology and engineering, this is no longer the case.

While most gas chain saws are still more powerful overall, electric chain saws now provide enough power to handle medium and even some heavy-duty cutting projects with amazing efficiency. For most homeowners and non-professionals, electric chain saws provide plenty of cutting power without the maintenance of a gas engine. So, let's find out who makes the best chainsaws on the market.

What is the best chainsaw bar length?

The longer the bar of a chainsaw, the larger the wood you will be able to comfortably cut with it. Again, the length of the bar you use will depend a lot on what kind of trees you have on your property and what kind of work you plan to do with it.

For larger trees, a 16 or 18 inch bar would be more appropriate. If your property contains only brush piles and small trees, a 10-inch bar may be adequate for your needs and will often provide lighter tools for long-term use.

How does the lubrication and tensioning system work on a chain saw?

All chainsaws require tension on the chain and oil on the bar to operate properly. Therefore, the tensioning and lubrication system your chainsaw is equipped with will have a considerable impact on your user experience.

Most chainsaws today have automatic lubrication systems and simple tensioning knobs that can be adjusted without the use of tools. However, be sure to check the specifications of any unit you are looking at, as some models still include older manual systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ego chainsaw usually lasts for a long time. However, the length of time it lasts depends on how often it is used and how well it is maintained. Proper maintenance and occasional repairs will help keep your Ego Chainsaw in good condition for years to come.

Electric chain saws start immediately without any effort – you don’t have to pull the starter cord multiple times until your unit finally starts and you’re exhausted. They are also typically much quieter than gas chain saws. They require less maintenance, meaning no mixing of oil with gas or adjustments. They are healthier to use because you don’t inhale any fumes!

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Yes, your ego chainsaw can be used in the rain, but it is important to remember that, like all tools, it needs to be well cared for in order to function effectively. In particular, make sure the chain is oiled and the blade is sharp so that it can cut through any obstacles you may encounter. And always be aware of your surroundings – this is a powerful tool and should be treated with care. Have fun using your self chainsaw!