Ego Chainsaws Reviews

In this self chainsaw review we will compare the range of self chainsaws.

If you are already part of the Ego ecosystem, then you may have already decided to use one of their 56v battery chainsaws. However, choosing the best Ego chainsaw for your situation will take some research and thought.

EGO Chainsaw Reviews Overview

EGO was introduced to the market in 2013, so while still a young company, years of research led to their launch. ego is owned by chevron, a company that makes tools for some of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the tool industry. ego makes no secret that their main goal is to provide performance and features on a cordless platform that previously only natural gas could provide on outdoor power equipment. Despite my internal skepticism, cordless technology is the future of tools, whether they are power tools or outdoor power equipment, and advances in technology are making it possible without sacrificing quality and performance.

Electricity over gas
There are still many people who believe that gas power is the only power used for tools. But that’s no longer the case, and the Power+ chainsaw uses only electricity to provide supreme power. In fact, this chainsaw exceeds the power of gas without the annoying side effects that come with using gas tools.

Most gas chainsaws are noisy, annoying to maintain, and spew nauseating fumes into the atmosphere. But with this chainsaw, thanks to its smart battery technology, there’s virtually no noise, you never have to fuss with complicated machine maintenance and oiling, and there are no toxic fumes.

You also get amazing longevity from one of the most advanced battery technologies in the industry. The 56V ARC lithium batteries used to run chainsaws feature intelligent power management and a revolutionary cooling system. These batteries provide you with longer life and more power than ever before thought possible.

Plus, you can charge chainsaws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weed whackers with high-intensity 56V batteries. There are over 40 tools that use the same batteries.

Heavy-duty chainsaws
There’s no doubt that the EGO Power+ chainsaw is the heavy-duty industry standard. With its sturdy 14-inch bar and chain, it can really cut anything. Okay, it may not cut steel beams – but anything that’s wood and no bigger than a house can be cut with this chainsaw.

On a single battery charge, you can cut up to 130 times. Imagine cutting 130 pieces of wood on a single charge. It’s just an incredible piece of technology that can deliver so much performance. Thanks to the chainsaw’s 6,800 RPM output, you can cut faster. Softwoods, hardwoods, branches and fallen logs – you can cut them all in record time.

There’s nothing better than a lightweight chainsaw. This tool is so light, you’ll barely notice it’s in your hand. In fact, using this chainsaw will feel like you’re using your own extension. This makes it easy to trim trees above your head, get into any odd spots to make cuts, and carry the actual tool around all day without getting tired.

Because the chainsaw is lightweight and easy to use, it is one of the better choices for people who are not familiar with chainsaws. If this is your first purchase, you will be glad to know that anyone can operate it. It doesn’t require any special skills, it’s quiet, and it’s powerful enough to do all your tasks.

EGO Chainsaw Review Performance

This chainsaw exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. Given the cordless platform, I didn’t expect it to actually power the chainsaw and make it work as it should, no matter how many volts the battery has. I’ve used this chainsaw on many different woods, from pine to the dreaded yaupon and some serious oak. All of these woods are common in Texas, but yaupon and oak have always caused problems for the chainsaws I used to use. The hardness of the oak posed a problem, while the fibrous and very wet nature of the yaupons caused the chainsaw to stop dead in its tracks, or worse, to rip the chain off the bar. You can see here that I cut the oak logs up to about 16 inches wide. The kickback is generally small and comfortable to use.

The actual chain mechanism is easy to adjust and the dial and fine adjustment screws work well when tightening or loosening the chain. The only issue I have with the chain is whether it is not adjusted correctly. Generally speaking, chain tension is an important part of using a chainsaw and once the user has the right feel for it, it’s a breeze. I definitely recommend keeping the bar and chain oil on hand as the auto oiling on this chainsaw works almost too well.

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