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Game-changing performance and power exceeds the gas of the number one ranked brand in wireless outdoor power.

Our Products

Lawn Mower

Have a unique shape and stay-cool technology that provides longer power. They have a longer battery life than most other cordless electric mowers and can often handle tougher, rougher grass.

Leaf Blower

With air speeds up to 200 MPH, EGO's newest blowers deliver more than 15% more power than any other handheld blower on the market. The speed control dial allows you to adjust the air speed from 260 CFM to 580 CFM for ultimate control.


Featuring the world's first LINE IQ™ technology. Automatic sensing technology monitors and feeds the length of the line for continuous 16-inch cut strips, providing uninterrupted, high-performance trimming.


If you’ve got clearing to do, EGO has you covered. Our chain saws deliver superior performance, thoughtful features and impressive run times.

Snow Blower

Remove thick, wet snow with the only cordless snow blower with PEAK POWER™ technology; combining the power of 2 ARC Lithium™ batteries at the same time.

Hedge Trimmer

Make powerful, precise cuts with a 24-inch double-action hardened steel blade. Check out our latest innovation - the world's first cordless hedge trimmer with a 1-inch cutting capacity and brushless motor.

The #1 Battery-powered Platform

The EGO POWER+ platform is ranked #1 in the industry based on power, performance, durability and value.

All batteries to power all tools

Universal battery compatibility allows you to easily use any size battery for any tool.

Gas power and performance

Advanced battery technology that delivers or exceeds the power of gas - without the noise, fuss and smoke.

Industry's most advanced technology

Our patented 56V ARC Lithium™ battery technology includes innovative design, intelligent power management and protection against overheating.

EGO Power+ LM2101

The EGO 21" Power + Mower is the first lithium-ion mower to exceed gas power! Receiving all the gas torque without the noise, fuss and smoke, the EGO 56V Lithium-Ion mower delivers long-lasting power, fast charging and durability in all weather conditions. Featuring a large 21-inch deck with up to 45 minutes of run time (on 5.0Ah batteries), it can cut an entire lawn. Compatible with all EGO POWER+ ARC Lithium™ batteries (available separately) to deliver Power Beyond Belief™.

EGO Power+ CS1600

The new EGO POWER+ 16-inch chainsaw delivers gas power without the noise, fuss and smoke. The saw's advanced, high-efficiency brushless motor delivers the equivalent of 40cc of gas chain saw power for 130 continuous cuts on a 4x4 (when used with the EGO 2.5Ah 56V ARC Lithium™ battery). The tool-free chain tensioning system allows quick and easy bar and chain adjustment with independent dials that are designed to cut flush with the ground in a low-profile manner. The 20m/s chain speed allows for clean, efficient cutting, and the automatic oiling system keeps the saw lubricated throughout the cutting application.

EGO Power+ LB6504 650 CFM Blower

The EGO 650 CFM blower is one of the most powerful handheld blowers available. With the 20.8 N rating we got from our testing, it's hard to imagine needing more power from a handheld. Perhaps it's time for EGO to turn its attention back to the backpack blower for the next power jump. Delivering up to 650 cubic feet of air per minute at speeds up to 180 miles per hour, the EGO LB6500 weighs 4.85 pounds without the conical or flat nozzle installed (blower tube only). If you prefer a 7.5Ah battery pack, the weight with a 5.0Ah battery is 9.81 lbs. and up to 11.28 lbs.

Ego ST1511T Power+ Wire Cutter with Power Load

The Ego ST1511T is as powerful and affordable as a gas tool, but without the clutter of fuel, smelly exhaust fumes or time-consuming maintenance. This 15-inch thin string trimmer with POWERLOAD™ technology automatically winds your trimmer string. Changing strings is as easy as feeding the cord into the head and pushing the button! Featuring a telescoping aluminum shaft, the spool length is easily adjusted for ease and comfort of use. This trimmer features a high-efficiency brushless motor, bump feed advance, .095-inch professional cutting cord, and is compatible with all EGO ARC Lithium™ batteries to maximize cordless convenience and provide more power than you can imagine.

EGO SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower

The new EGO POWER+ 2-stage snowblower is the only cordless 2-stage snowblower that delivers the power and performance of gas without the noise, fuss and smoke. Peak Power™ technology combines the power of any two EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries to easily handle the toughest snow conditions and problems left behind by snowplows. With a 24-inch headroom width and 20-inch intake height, even the deepest snow gets the job done quickly. 4 LED lights for easy use in the early morning or late evening

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Our new EGO POWER+ Commercial Series delivers the power of gas and the run times professionals demand. Engineered to be lighter and have less vibration, these tools let you work comfortably for longer.